In December last year, Lazy Seals Kathryn McPhee and David Mullins were awarded the ICARE trophy for Best Female and Best Male Freediver of the year, respectively.

Kathryn achieved hers for a phenomenal year, where she set 13 National Records across all six competition disciplines. She topped that off with her first world record, a 151m DNF performance, swum in August at the Porirua Aquatic Centre. Kathryn also ended the year ranked either first or second in all three pool disciplines for 2008.

Dave meanwhile set world records in dynamic with a stunning swim of 248m under challenging conditions and dynamic no fins with 213m, a discipline he has not previously been known for. Dave also achieved the top ranking in the much vaunted constant weight category and second only to fellow Lazy Seal Guy Brew in his unfavoured static event.

The ICARE awards, chosen by the International Center for Apnea Recognition and Education, goes through a process of public and private voting to decide on the top performers of the year, with four nominations per category. AIDA New Zealand, New Zealand team coach John Wright, depth specialist William Trubridge and the constant weight with no fins record holder Niki Roderick were all also nominated for awards in various categories.